Training – Workshop

This Workshop offers qualified eyelash extension professionals, the opportunity to become a PassionME® Lash stylist. This workshop will teach you how to apply any lash extention to a natural lash. Our workshops are hands on and of the highest standard. 

Eye Lash Extensions Workshop

This Workshop will help you to become independent and or grow your current bussiness. The industry of Eyelash extensions; It’s no secret how popular they are right now. Being a lash artist is a great career choice. Lash artists can have flexible schedules and the opportunity to build their own clientele.

There are many benefits to being a lash artist. Applying eyelash extensions is satisfying work in itself. It truly is an art! Seeing clients satisfied with their results is one of the best parts. Lash extensions can truly transform anyone’s look and makeup routine. Client satisfaction is highly important because lash artistry is largely a word of mouth industry.

PassionME conversion workshops will benefit you and offers you the opportunity to become a PassionME Lash Stylist.

Each student will be provided with a training kit.

Certificate of competence and attendance will be issued on completion.

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