PassionMe Glue tips for the best results!

Perfect Glue/ Fast Glue/ Sensitive

Glue Store the glue in a dry and ventilated ambient room temperature or a sealed container to avoid excessive or too low/high temperature and light to change the composition of the glue, affecting the quality and life of the glue. (DO NOT REFRIGIRATE)

Before using PassionMe glue, use the PassionMe Foam Lash Shampoo to carefully clean the customer’s own eyelashes and remove the grease and dust to effectively extend the time of grafting the eyelashes.

Before using PassionMe glue, shake the glue at 45 degrees for 3-5 minutes to avoid the phenomenon of glue layer, thick or too thin.

Open the bottle mouth with a professional needle as supplied to you with the glue.

(The glue is filled with low-temperature nitrogen filling, carefully spilled when opening).

When the PassionMe glue is opened for use, please use it within the shortest time avoid contact between the glue and the air, and the texture will dry out, which will affect the use of the glue. Replace your glue every 4-6 weeks with a new bottle.

Do not touch water during the grafting process.

Client must not touch water or be exposed to heat within 4 hours after grafting.

Avoid bathing within 24 hours.

Use PassionMe Gel remover as a safe unloading agent to remove grafting eyelashes, be safe when applying unloading agents, components can cause swelling of customers’ eyes.

PassionMe Lash Primer is an adhesive accelerate designed specifically for eyelash extensions. The primer increases the adhesive strength and holding power of the glue that reduces the setting time and increases the lifetime of the lash extension.

PassionMe Lash Sealant can be used to enhance the lifetime of your Lash Extensions.

We Recommend all Lash Tech’s to apply this Lash Sealant with a Clear wand ONLY to the root were the extension meets the natural lash.

Apply after glue is dry, then dry this Sealant with your blower and softly brush only the extension (Do not brush from the root).

Glue aging may cause problems such as easy removal of the eyelashes and slowing of the hardening rate.

When the glue is frequently opened/used, it is best to replace with new glue every 30 days. This is due to the natural ingredients used.

When glue received, mark the bottle with a Purchase date, opening date on receiving of the glue for best results.